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Speak it into Existence

I saw this post on Instagram the other week and it really got me thinking.

Speaking things into existence is such a powerful tool. Not only does it make you feel positive about a situation, it harmonises your mind and body and as a result, brings in what you are needing from the universe.

For example, through the affirmation "I am healthy and strong" I was able to tackle all of my more serious health conditions, leaving only the ones that  were easily fixed. A new treatment was given to me within the week I started to properly believe what I was speaking which essentially cured me. Another time I was running out of money for college and out of desperation I spoke out three times "I have enough to get me through the month". The same day I found a £20 on the floor by my bus stop and the cash machine at college wasn't working so the dinner lady let me eat for free the entire day. In my opinion you can't just speak what you want and expect it to happen, you have to believe in every word you are saying.

Notice how all of my statements are in first person present tense. You need to believe it's already come to pass and the universe will fall in line. Even if you believe all of this is just coincidence and it's not real, what is the point of always thinking negatively about every situation as well as yourself. Wouldn't you rather go into an interview with a positive mindset than set your self up for failure and disappointment by not believing in yourself from the get go? Try it out yourself and see what happens. Maybe you'll find your breakthrough.

May the universe treat you the way you've treated others and you get the happy ending you deserve.

Ava xxx

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