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Self Care in Quarantine

Self care is looking after yourself and you body not only in tough times but whenever you feel it necessary. It's taking time out of your day to dedicate a few minutes to yourself. I see posts on social media about girls going through break ups should binge on chocolate and full tubs of ice cream. Short term it might help you to feel better but it definitely won't help you in the long run. Real self care nurtures your mind and your body in long lasting ways that will make you feel so much better overall. In hard times like this we need to not only look after our friends and family but more importantly, look after ourselves. Here are some of my favourite self care methods that you could use in times like this.

Take a warm bath

Taking warm baths helps your blood to flow easier and allows you to breathe deeper and slower, particularly when taking in steam. The water rejuvenates your cells, relax the muscles and reduce inflammation and pain in the body.

Read a book

Reading improves memory, empathy, and mood. It's been proven to also reduce stress, depression, and the risk of Alzheimer's later in life. It's a chance to escape the reality you're in for a few minutes, which is great in times like this due to the stressful nature of the lock down.


Regular meditation helps ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, focus and concentration, and can improve your heart's health. It can also boost your mood and immunity as well as resolving pregnancy problems.

Go for a walk/jog

Doing activities like walking or jogging allows you to get in your recommended daily exercise. Also when you exercise, your body release endorphins which reduces your brains perception of pain, and relaxes you in a similar way that morphine would. In more simple terms, it's scientifically proven to heighten your mood and improve sleep.

Talk about your feelings

Talking about your feelings always makes you feel better, even if its just by a little bit. It improves and maintains good mental health levels, which can also help your physical health. It is never a sign of weakness but a sign that you are wanting to take control of you life and mental well-being.

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